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Inkululo has specialist recruiters onboard as well as the ability to network with other recruitment agencies, to find the exact business fit for you. For us it is not a volumes game, but to fully understand your business culture before we start providing a close to perfect match candidate. We advocate recruiting on attitude and aptitude rather than just experience and qualifications. We do headhunt for both permanent and temporary staffing.

Inkululo provides reliable, high quality HR management and administration outsourcing, planning and implementation; to help your organisation increase efficiency, improve service levels, and reduce operating costs. By offloading HR management and administration to Inkululo, your organisation can focus on those strategic issues that support the core business. We starting off by conducting a Human Resource audit, to assess what needs urgent attention, thus assisting your company to be compliant with the prevailing labour legislation.

We assist organisations that are not able or interested in handling the sheer number of applications received, which can result in a huge strain on an organisation’s resources, often distracting key personnel from their crucial day-to-day tasks. Inkululo can assist your organisation with the screening process by providing outsourced screening solutions, thus allowing clients who create their own candidate pool, to focus on their core business.

We provide employee wellness programmes (EWP) which consider the wide range of your employees’ needs, which in turn; support the organisation as well. Our EWPs provide your employees with the support they need in all aspects of their lives, helping them function at their fullest. A happy, engaged employee is a productive employee.

Using behavioural scientific knowledge and skills, we can create organizational effectiveness that your Human Resource Practice can deliver on:

  • Organisational culture management
  • Talent management
  • Employee engagement
  • Leadership
  • Team-building
  • Change management (including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) support

We create specific company policies that meet your specialised business/industry needs.

  • Disciplinary Code
  • Grievance Procedure Policy
  • Employment Contracts (standard and fixed term)
  • Performance Improvement Programs
  • General Business Policies
  • Service Level Agreement

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