Inkululo African Solutions

homeInkululo African Solutions is black, youth owned company whose focus is on empowering and serving people, we believe that people are the core business resource.

Investments of time, energy and money can give people encouragement, confidence, and vision as well as skills and knowledge. All are needed for us to reach our full potential.


“Raise the risk. Rethink. Unleash”

Mission Strategy”

“We are raising the risk in discovering new territories, rethinking our strategy of delivery and unleashing the full potential in service”

Core Values:

SERVICE- giving a service that touches hearts and changing lives

INTEGRITY- treating all people equally and without prejudice

RELEVANCE- keeping up with evolution but not compromising principles

Our Motto:

“We will either find a way or create one”


SMME Support

  1. Entrepreneurship Therapy
  2. Managing a small business
  3. Business Development

HR & LR Division

  1. Labour Recruitment
  2. Labour Relations

Training Division

  1. HR courses
  2. Leadership courses
  3. Soft / Behavioral skills


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