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Inkululo African Solutions is black owned company whose focus is on people, service and facilities.

We believe that People are the Core Business Resource and so we grant African Thought Leadership Coaching (ATLC), Training, Motivational speaking.

We believe in investing in people. Investments of time, energy and money can give people encouragement, confidence, and vision as well as skills and knowledge. All are needed for us to reach our full potential.

We understand that it takes some knocks, bruises and sometimes hard setbacks for one to come to self-realization, a moment where you separate values from wishful lists, discovering real strengths and weaknesses, summoning the courage to take ownership of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

A deconstructed mind will always step up to face the fears, and begin to see the impossible being possible and drawing from the positive brook’s one will stay encouraged and motivated.

We want to help those who choose to think with their minds and reciprocate on that with actions; a model of civilization, those who reverse a constructed thinking that they can never get anything done by them and therefore depend on the mercy of others.

Its always said that you are what you think. Whatever you are doing, whatever you feel, whatever you want—all are determined by the quality of your thinking. If your thinking is unrealistic, your thinking will lead to many disappointments. If your thinking is overly pessimistic, it will deny you due recognition of the many things in which you should properly rejoice.

Motivational speaking: When you are responsible for motivating others, your own personal motivation matters in two ways:

First, you need to be motivated to continue applying techniques until you have found what works best for the individuals on your team. But second, though just as important, you need to make sure that your motivation is grounded in the right intentions. If you simply try to force others to achieve what you want them to do without considering their own needs and values, you will end up with temporary motivation – if they are motivated at all.



If its got catering and events logistics in it, just leave it to us and engage with your clientele at a more personal level, we are the stress absorbers so allow us to stress for you and enjoy the moment.



Whether you are a home owner or a commercial property / building owner it is beneficial for you to have the services of a maintenance services company like IAS Maintenance where you can simply hand all your maintenance requirements and project needs over to us and we will ensure that they are all completed efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Cleaning services:

Cleaning is important in any commercial environment since business premises typically house large numbers of people in close proximity to each other. Besides the build-up of dirt from so many people, germs can also spread more easily in shared facilities such as common rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.



Inkululo African Solutions (PTY) LTD is a level 3 BEE contributor with a BEE procurement recognition level of 110%.