Inkululo African Solutions (Pty) Ltd

homeInkululo African Solutions is black, youth owned enterprise whose existence is inspired by the development of personal, corporate and entrepreneurial skills. In the world that continues to ask questions we are obliged to constantly give answers.

Ours is to invest in the development of the people whether they intend to operate as individuals or as teams, we build confidence, we keep abreast of the ever changing industries.

We propel the humanity to reject mediocrity and to activate curiosity taste buds.


“Raise the risk. Rethink. Unleash”

Mission Strategy”

“We are raising the risk in discovering new territories, rethinking our strategy of delivery and unleashing the full potential in service”

Core Values:

SERVICE- giving a service that touches hearts and changing lives

INTEGRITY- treating all people equally and without prejudice

RELEVANCE- keeping up with evolution but not compromising principles

Our Motto:

“We will either find a way or create one”



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