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Inkululo African Solutions

Inkululo African Solutions is based on self-discovery; a powerful tool for growth and development at both personal and organizational level.

We understand that it takes some knocks, bruises and sometimes hard setbacks for one to come to self-realization. A moment where you separate values from wishful lists, discovering real strengths and weaknesses and summoning the courage to take ownership of your thoughts, feeling and actions. A deconstructed mind will always step up to face the fears, and begin to see the impossible possible and drawing from the positive Brookes one will stay encouraged and motivated.

We want to help those who choose to think with their minds and reciprocate on that with actions; a model of civilization, those who reverse a constructed thinking that they can never get anything done by them and therefore depend on the mercy of others. We motivate those with an idea that wealth lies in them working hard and smart, those who choose to be pathfinders, walking a road less traveled to establish new territories and be the wealth creators. To those whose mind is in contrary to such believing we instill a new thinking, that of the agents of change.

Our motivation focuses on fundamental values of self-leadership because whether we speak of organizational leadership, church leadership, family leadership and even political leadership that cannot be without self. Therefore the correct alignment will determine the influence you want to play anywhere, as John Maxwell puts it vividly “Everywhere you go there you are with yourself”

“Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal” is motivation by definition.

We leave in an unpredictable world, where calamity strikes inevitably, unstable eco-socio state. People are affected directly or indirectly. Disappointments after disappointments our people encounter whether through situations out of their control or as a result of consequences by self. The fact of the matter is that humanity has to be stimulated in soul and mind to uphold dominion over creation.

We are an organization that seeks to pronounce liberty to our fellow Africans, as the 21st Century is a Global focus on Africa, it would be detrimental to not awaken African to unleash their indigenous knowledge and wisdom. To realize a pool of wealth from human capital to natural resources and to subsequently distribute and share as means of empowerment to the masses, encouraging rejection to mediocrity.