This is our Skills Development & Training offering suite

Service 1

We provide guidance and support in the management of successful learnership implementation, to improve return on investment for both learners and their employers.

  • Deeper understanding of the learnerships’ regulations
  • Tools and practical guidelines to assist you throughout the implementation of the learnerships processes
  • Useful tips on how to make your interactions with your SETA and the ETQA helpful and productive
  • Mentor and coach support

We conduct seminars and webinars covering the full range of Seta accredited training courses.

We also assist you to conduct in-house training, covering vast industries to improve performance and productivity.

We provide support to SETAs:

  • Accreditation systems and processes
  • Provider evaluation and monitoring activities
  • Curriculum development
  • Management of learnerships’ implementations
  • Capacity building workshops
  • External moderation and/or verification
  • Advise on Quality Assurance of Learner Achievements Processes
  • MoU Implementation amongst SETAs

Assessments and moderations form an integral part of the accreditation, and the learning and development processes.

  • We offer a pool of suitably qualified and experienced assessors and moderators that can be contracted for accreditation purposes.
  • We also conduct assessments and moderations on your behalf-on a contractual basis

We offer the following support when it comes the development of training material:

  • Alignment matrix
  • Structured curriculum with learning programme and assessment strategy
  • Guides for Learners, Facilitators, Assessors, and Moderators
  • Learner Portfolio of Evidence
  • Learner Induction Pack (Only for Skills Programmes and Full Qualifications)
  • Our Quality Management Systems (QMS) are aligned to SAQA and SETA requirements
  • All policies and procedures are customised and are a fit-for-purpose, depending on how the company operates; thus ensuring that business, vision, and strategic goals are aligned to the SETA requirements
  • We specialise in designing training material
  • We also ensure that existing training material is NQF aligned and in-keeping with the unit standard requirements

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